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Our vision is a world in which the communities we serve have the capacity to sustainably meet their basic human needs, and that our members have enriched global perspectives through the innovative professional educational opportunities that the EWB-USA program provides.                    "ENGINEERS WITHOUT BORDERS USA REDEFINED MY CONCEPT OF ENGINEERING, SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, AND HAS CHANGED MY OUTLOOK OF THE WORLD AND MY ROLE IN IT." - RAHUL MITRA

Our Leaders

Real people in the real world solving real problems

Natalie Palmquist

Major: Civil Engineering
Year: Senior
Favorite part of EWB: “I love working on multi-generational, multicultural teams. I have learned so much from my academic advisers and from the individuals we work with in the different countries!”

Stephen Gass

Vice President
Major: Chemical Engineering
Year: Senior
Favorite part of EWB: “I like that EWB gives students the opportunity to collaborate and create sustainable solutions to problems in developing communities.”

Trent Mitchell

Major: Accounting
Year: Junior
Favorite part of EWB: “At EWB there’s always another problem to solve, and finding solutions to them is always rewarding.”

Katelyn Jenkins

Internal Affairs Officer
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: Junior
Favorite part of EWB: “All of the people! Everyone here has a purpose, and we are all supportive and passionate of it.”

Andy Bowling

External Affairs Officer
Major: Civil Engineering
Year: Sophmore
Favorite part of EWB: “Doing work that makes a difference in the world and getting to apply my engineering skills outside of classrooms.”

Jenna Klemkowsky

Rwanda Team Lead
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Year: PhD Student
Favorite part of EWB: “Working on real life projects that will benefit a community that we have developed a relationship with in the past and are continuing to work with in the future is amazing.”

Blake Wade

Bolivia Team Lead
Major:Civil Engineering
Year: Senior
Favorite part of EWB: “My favorite part of EWB is getting to interact with many different people. These people consist of other students, Auburn faculty, perfessional engineers, and people on the other side of the world!”

Jarrett Tang

IT Lead & Web Administrator
Major: Software Engineering
Year: Senior
Favorite part of EWB: “Being able to impact how the public first experiences us, has been very rewarding.”

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