Accreditation Facilitation Project (AFP) is an interactive, exciting, and rewarding mentoring program for licensed family child care providers in Alabama. AFP assists family child care providers to provide high quality child care services by supporting family child care educators through the process of seeking national accreditation. Engaging family child care providers in professional relationships to promote excellence for Alabama’s children.

AFP helps Alabama family child care educators through programming that offers the following benefits:

Regularly scheduled mentor in-home visits to provide hands-on training and technical assistance based on individual needs.

Opportunities to receive scholarships and child care equipment.

Involvement with other providers in FCCP-sponsored provider meetings.

Opportunity to participate in statewide professional development conference.

A partner in the National Accreditation process.

Financial assistance for National Accreditation.

Financial assistance for professional development.

Connection with National professional associations.

Access to current trends and information relevant to family child care.

All at no cost to the educator!