Enroll Your Infant or Toddler

Thank you for your interest in applying for Auburn University’s Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership Program. We are accepting applications for our waiting list, and the documents listed below are needed to complete the application process.

Please work on collecting these documents as soon as possible. You may email or fax documents. Our fax number is (334) 844-3734, and the email address is auehs@auburn.edu. Our program does not want collecting any document to create a hardship for applicants. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 334-707-7594 or 334.844.3257.

Documents needed to complete the application process:

Verification of all forms of income for 2021 or 2022 to include:

(W2/1040 tax forms, unemployment payments; 12 months of pay record, child support etc. or SSI or TANF statement or Notice of Action letter and EBT card for Food Stamp recipients. Income eligibility will be determined based on the 2022 Federal Poverty Guidelines. If married, include spouse’s income also.

Proof of residency

(utility bill; rent/lease/mortgage agreement; letter from landlord; proof of public housing; or if you are currently temporarily sharing housing with family members/friends request additional forms from our office).

Complete online application or email auehs@auburn.edu for link.

  • ✓ Copy of Parents Driver’s license or picture ID
  • ✓ Birth certificate for child or confirmation of birth from hospital
  • ✓ Proof of guardianship or temporary guardianship (if applicable)
  • ✓ Current immunization certificate or exemption for child
  • ✓ Copy of child’s insurance card
  • ✓ Current IFSP or documentation of disability for child (if applicable)
  • ✓ Copy of WIC ID # (if applicable)
  • ✓ Current class schedule (if parent is attending high school or completing high school or college courses).
  • ✓ Please work on ensuring your child is up to date on well child visits or physical and that you have a copy of the visit.