Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership


Our mission is to provide high quality care to support the developmental needs of the children and their families in a family childcare setting. We aim to close the opportunity gap between lower and higher income children to level the playing field as well as offering an array of services focusing on health, nutrition, and behavioral needs to all eligible children.


Our program goals are to:

  • Provide high quality child development and family support opportunities in a family childcare setting.
  • Provide services dealing with health, nutrition, behavior, education, and family to all eligible children.
  • Prepare the child and family for their future education through school readiness activities and life skill development.


High quality, research-based learning experiences for your young child. These experiences include:

  • Individualized activities to meet each child’s needs
  • Small and large group activities to encourage cooperation and sharing
  • Hands-on manipulative activities for fine motor development
  • Active play for large motor development
  • Literacy-related activities to develop language skills
  • Regular developmental checks to make certain your child is meeting development goals
  • Access to prevention and promotion programs that address atypical development at the earliest stage possible


  • Initiatives to encourage parent involvement
  • Community engagement programs
  • Comprehensive services for the family such as parent education, nutrition information, and access to medical and dental screenings

Family and Community Engagement Specialist (FACES)

All children will have an assigned Family and Community Engagement Specialist (FACES). The FACES will have additional resources for the families and can assist with setting family goals. They will be a source of information on a variety of topics and can assist the family with finding needed resources for the family. The FACES is required to make two home visits per year, additional visits are available if needed. The FACES is the families’ direct source to available resources in the area. They are also an advocate for the family. They will provide support to the families through referrals to community agencies.