Become an EHS-CCP Provider:

Become an EHS-CCP Provider:

Auburn University’s Early Head Start Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP)

Do you provide care for infants and toddlers? We have a rewarding opportunity for you!

          Complete the online application (need to create a link or google docs file)

Overview of EHS-CCP:

  • A new, statewide collaborative partnership opportunity between Auburn University’s EHS-CCP program and family child care providers
  • EHS-CCP will serve as a HUB for family child care implementation and support
  • Increases the quality and continuity of children in family child care in Alabama
  • Serves eligible children from birth up to age three enrolled in a licensed family child care setting
  • Includes comprehensive services such as professional development for caregivers, parent education, nutrition training, access to medical and dental screenings and support, high quality curriculum implementation, special needs services, and more
  • EHS-CCP program will focus on high quality learning experiences for young children and includes:
    • Program specific to infants
    • Initiatives to encourage parent involvement
    • Community engagement program

Benefits for Children

  • Experience in high quality early learning programs, tailored for their developmental levels
  • Access to prevention and promotion programs that address atypical development at the earliest stage possible
  • Positive relationships and continuity of care which support the value of secure attachments for healthy development
  • Inclusion strategies that respect the unique developmental paths of children, including those with disabilities
  • Value of cultural diversity and home family

Benefits for Parents

  • Access to family support services to aid in the physical, social/emotional, and intellectual development of their children
  • Access to a superior early child development program at no cost (parents not required to pay for any childcare fees or supplies including diapers/wipes, etc.)
  • Empowerment and support for family development
  • Opportunities to participate in high quality, accessible, no cost parent educational workshops
  • A comprehensive support system for your whole family

Benefits for Educators

  • High quality, no cost training and education opportunities based on your individual needs
  • Access to highly trained mentors and support staff to provide technical assistance for EHS children in your care as well as support for their families
  • Resources, equipment, and materials
  • Increased professional recognition and networking

Educator Responsibilities

  • Desire and effort to improve the quality of child care development and services available to underprivileged children and their families
  • Agree to allow a minimum of two program visits per month to receive training and technical assistance and monitoring
  • Use the Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care Participate in the USDA food program
  • Agree to operate for a minimum of 10 hours each day for 52 weeks per year
  • Additional responsibilities will be included in a contract and discussed individually with providers wishing to participate