What is NAFCC…

The National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) is a nationwide non-profit organization dedicated to promoting high quality child care by strengthening the profession of family child care for nearly one million paid home-based early learning programs serving almost 40% of the 6.7 million children who receive care from a nonrelative on a regular basis.

Who obtains it….

NAFCC supports family child care educators making the intentional choice to offer high quality early care and education in their homes across the country. NAFCC collaborates with local, state and national organizations to increase the awareness of and improve the quality of family child care. NAFCC partners with Auburn University’s Accreditation Facilitation Project (AFP) to offer these supports to Family child care educators in the state of Alabama.

NAFCC administers the only national system designed for family child care providers. Accreditation is awarded for family child care providers who meet the eligibility requirements and the Quality Standards for NAFCC Accreditation.

Benefits of it…

Family child care providers achieve a high level of quality through a process that examines all aspects of the family child care program, i.e. relationships, the environment, developmental learning activities, safety, health, and professional and business practices. Accredited family child care providers have mastered these areas to offer high quality care for children in their programs. Families and children benefit when high quality child care is available.