Accreditation Stages for Providers

Stage 1: Interest and Eligibility

  • Review Provider eligibility – click here to view.
  • Provider decides she/he wants to be accredited
  • Enroll in our program by contacting your local mentor or our main office at 1-877-892-FCCP.

Stage 2: Self-Study

  • FCCP will supply levels 1&2 of the benchmark book, which providers will work through.
  • In these benchmarks, sections cover: routines, relationships, developmental learning activities, records and an environmental checklist.
  • When provider has completed Benchmarks Levels 1 & 2, they can apply for a “Level Review” visit.

Stage 3: Level Review Visit

  • An FCCP Level Reviewer will schedule an observational visit with the provider.
  • After the visit, the FCCP office will determine the next steps.
  • Provider will be issued a “Feedback Report” along with any recommendations for equipment.
  • Provider (with mentor) will review feedback report and continue to work towards making program improvements.

Stage 4: Observation Phase

  • After application materials have been submitted, the provider will wait for an NAFCC Observer to be assigned
  • The Observer will visit and submit their observation paperwork to NAFCC

Stage 5: Accreditation!

  • NAFCC will notify provider of decision!

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