Forest Products Development Center College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Environment
  • Auburn University team seeks to make 3D printed homes a reality.

FPDC Summary:

The Forest Products Development Center (FPDC) is multidisciplinary organization that includes research partnerships between forestry, architecture, engineering, construction, agriculture, business and packaging. The hub for scholarly research and economic development in timber and the built environment, the FPDC serves the 2nd largest industry in the state. We also assist our state economic development teams in recruiting new companies to the state, such as International Beams (SmartLam), which was the first cross laminated timber (CLT) business built in the southeastern U.S. in Dothan, AL. We also have faculty that are very active in innovation, intellectual property, and patent applications.  Finally, we assist industry directly through mill trials, lab research, and product development with participating manufacturers to help keep their companies competitive.

Based on industry demand, we have also created a new undergraduate curriculum in the area of Sustainable Biomaterials and Packaging.  The 21st Century curriculum will consist of new products such as CLT, wood plastic composites, paper packaging, forest/bio derived adhesives for a better carbon footprint, and forest nanotechnology to improve materials all around us.  We are poised to be the go-to place for new biobased materials from forestry and believe in diversity, respect, and multidisciplinary team work.

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Last modified: July 19, 2022