Forest Products Development Center College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Environment

FDPC members:

Experts in Biomass Logistics

Dr. Oladiran Fasina, P.E.

Dept. Biosystems Engineering

Expertise: Biomass Logistics

Dr. Sushil Adhikari, P.E.

Dept. Biosystems Engineering

Expertise: Bioenergy

Dr. Tim McDonald

Dept. Biosystems Engineering

Expertise: Biomass Sensors

Dr. Tom Gallagher, SWFS

Dept. Biosystems Engineering

Expertise: Timber Harvesting & Analysis

Dr. Mathew Smidt, SWFS

Dept. Biosystems Engineering

Expertise: Forest Operations & Harvesting

Dr. Edmon Perkins

Mechanical Engineering

Expertise: Non-destructive Assessment of Materials

Experts in Processing and Products


Dr. Brian Via

School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

Expertise: Forest Products, Adhesives, Composites, Chemometrics




Dr. María Soledad Peresin

School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

Expertise: Biopolymers, Nanotechnology, Surface Chemistry, Packaging



Dr. Ilari Filpponen

Chemical Engineering & School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

Expertise: Packaging, Wood Chemistry



Dr. María Auad

Center for Polymer and Advanced Composites

Expertise: Polymers and Adhesives, Packaging



Dr. George Cheng

School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

Expertise: Cellulose Nanomaterials, Forest Products, Forest Operations & Harvesting[at]



Dr. Zhihua Jiang

Chemical Engineering

Expertise: Pulp and paper, Packaging


Experts in Sustainability and Business

Dr. Daowei Zhang, SWFS

Expertise: Economics

Dr. Yaoqi Zhang , SWFS

Expertise: Economics, Managment and Marketing

Dr. Adam Maggard, SWFS

Expertise: Forest Systems Managment

Dr. Jeffrey Fergus, P.E.

Materials Engineering

Expertise: Sustainable Materials

Dr. Magdalena Garmaz

College of Arquitecture and Design

Expertise: Design and Sustainability



Picture Dr. Yusuk Celikbag  Yusuf Celikbag, Postdoc

Dr. Celikbag has a M.Sc. in Polymer and Fiber Engineering and Ph.D. in Sustainable Biomaterials both from Auburn University. His research interests include synthesis and development of bio-based thermosetting polymers (epoxy, polyurethane and PF resin), and hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) of lignocellulosic biomass. He is currently working on the development of hydrophobic self-curing epoxy resins for the commodity strand board products. For the list of publications, please visit his google scholar page here.


Picture Ossei Asafu-AdjayeOsei Asafu-Adjaye

PhD. Student

Osei Asibe Asafu-Adjaye, is a Graduate Research Assistant and a PhD student at the Forest Products Development Center in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University. He holds MPhil in Wood Science and Technology, and BSc in Natural Resources Management with a major in Wood Science from the University of Science and Technology, Ghana. His research has focused on sustainable development of lesser utilized timber species and non-timber forest products. He is currently researching on developing formaldehyde free sustainable bio-based self-curing adhesives with broader applications in wood composite manufacturing. oaa0014[at]

Alejandro Cardozo pictureAlejandro Cardozo

M.Sc. Student

Alejandro A. Cardozo is a Chemical Engineering from Argentina. He earned his Bachelors Degree in 2016.While home in Argentina, Alejandro worked in the packaging industry. Also, in 2015-2016 he worked as a researcher for the UNaM (Universidad Nacional de Misiones). Now at Auburn University, he is pursuing a MSc at the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. Alejandro´s research will be focused on the development of wood composites adhesives based on renewable bio-based materials.

His primary goal is to apply what he learned during college, and while using his background expertise, he hopes to enhance his learning experience while at Auburn University. aac0048[at]

Picture Charles EsseiDr. Charles Essien


Charles Essien is a PhD student in the Forest Products Development Center (FPDC) – School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University, USA. He is from Twifo Hemang, Central Region of Ghana. His research interested are rapid characterization and statistical modeling of Biomaterial properties from nanoscale to macro-level, bio-composite production, bio-deterioration, preservation of biomaterials, and multivariate statistical modeling.  Currently, he is working on the “modeling wood quality properties of loblolly pine using acoustic, NIR and FTIR techniques”. more cze0017[at]

Diego Gómez Maldonado

PhD. Student

Diego Gómez Maldonado is a Graduate Research Assistant and PhD student, he holds an MS in Materials’ Design and Engineering and a BSc in Biological Engineering, both by Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM) in Mexico, during this time he also worked in Universidad de Guadalajara (UDG) in Mexico and in Aalto University in Finland as part of his master’s thesis.

His research has focused in characterization and identification of interactions of biopolymers like cellulose, alginate, chitosan, and nanoparticles using different techniques such as FTIR, DLS, DRX, AFM, SEM, SPR and QCM-D.

He started his PhD studies on Fall 2017 and the aim of his research is on the modification of nanocellulose for obtaining value-added products with environmental remediation focus. dzg0023[at]

Marina Natalia Hornus

M.Sc. Student

Marina Hornus is from Argentina and earned a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Nacional de Misiones (UNAM) in 2012, she has done the specialization in pulp and paper. She worked in technical school in Argentina.

She was fascinated in forest product development during her visit to Auburn University, under the visit scholar program and accepted the invitation to start as a Master student on fall 2017. The aim of her research is focused on using flour soy in wood composites, in order to reduce the use of not healthy adhesives. mnh0022[at]

Picture Maria Celeste IglesiasMaría Celeste Iglesias

M.Sc. Student

María Celeste is from Argentina and earned a Bachelor Degree in Material Engineering from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL) in 2016. She worked for VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland) in 2015 for two months as part of her thesis degree based on the production and characterization of nanocellulose. María Celeste started as a Master student on spring 2017, and the aim of her project is to establish a predictive model that correlates intrinsic properties of different extracted wood cell wall fractions (lignin, (nano) celluloses and hemicelluloses) with the thermo-mechanical performance of bio-composites made thereof. She got an internship for two months to work for the University of Maribor (UM) in Slovenia in an EPNOE mobility program as part of her research. She is also working on different projects as the application of nanocellulose in drilling fluids, and the economic analysis of cellulose nanofibrils production. mci0006[at]

Picture Simon Sanchez DiazSimón Sanchez Díaz

M.Sc. Student

Simon Sanchez Diaz from Colombia, has a Bachelor degree in chemical engineering from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. He has worked on nanocomposites materials since 2014, has done cooperative work with the center of bioengineering and has worked for the researching group of new materials development, both at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. Through all this time, he has obtained a wide variety of backgrounds in the development of nano materials, specifically in electrospinning, using natural resources and biodegradable compounds, like wood base materials.

Currently, he is doing his MSc in Forestry at Auburn University (started on fall 2017) and working as a research assistant at the Forestry Products Development Laboratory. The aim of his research is the production of silk fibroin/cellulose nanocrystals biocomposites to be used in biomedicine, packing and drug delivery devices among other. simon.sanchezdi[at]

Lingyan Tao pictureLingyan Tao

PhD Student

(Visiting scholar)

Lingyan Tao is a visiting scholar in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University. She is a Ph.D. student in Zhejiang University, China, majoring in herbal medicines analysis based on Near-infrared spectroscopy, Mid-infrared spectroscopy, and other process analysis techniques. Lingyan Tao is from Hangzhou, China and she is interested in quality control, real-time monitoring, and chemometrics applied in the field of analysis and prediction model of herbal medicines. lzt0023[at]



Last modified: April 25, 2020