Naples Getaway

Olivia Addis: AU Business – Business Minor in Madrid, Spain & Rome, Italy Summer 2022

While studying in Rome, I was able to travel to Naples, Italy for a weekend with a few of my friends from the program.

While in Naples, I was able to go to the beach, eat some delicious seafood, and take in all the beautiful scenery. On Saturday, we went on a boat tour to a small island off the coast of Naples and were able to walk around the island and have a day on the beautiful beach with the crystal clear blue water. On Sunday, before heading on the bus home, we walked around the city of Naples, ate some delicious gelato, and went to a restaurant that was on a cliff overlooking the sea.

The food there was delicious, especially the seafood risotto, which had some of the best fresh seafood I have ever had! I hope one day I can go back and venture the city and the surrounding cities more than I was able to!

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