Speaking French in France

Kennadi Jackson: IES Abroad in the South of France Summer 2022

When I first began learning French in middle school, I never would have imagined that I would have an opportunity to use my language skills in France. This past summer I studied abroad with a non-auburn program, IES Abroad, in the South of France. This was an incredibly nerve wrecking experience that was more than worth the challenge of facing my fear of the unknown.

My push towards meeting one of my many goals not only resulted in me completing my French minor, but I was able to do it in 7 weeks. I was privileged to gain so much more by just simply being in France. I was surrounded by the people, the culture, the language, food, fun, and art. I am certain that my in-person experience was of far greater value than anything I would have learned by reading books and taking quizzes in the U.S.

Even though it was a requirement for my classes, having knowledge of the local language allowed me to have an incredible upperhand outside of the classroom. My experience made navigating through the city, watching tv and even ordering food so much easier. The more that I spoke the language the more confident I grew. Being in France allowed me to speak with native speakers that were more than happy to assist with my practice.

I would recommend this experience to any and everyone! Take the introductory language courses or complete your foreign language minor/major abroad and broaden your experience!

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