Getting Goofy in Guggenheim

Matthew Harmon: AU Engineering – International Engineering Internships in Pamplona, Spain Summer 2022

On one of our first weekends in Spain, we took a bus from Pamplona to Bilbao. On the coast of northern Spain, Bilbao is known for its canals and hip culture. The premier thing to see while in Bilbao is the Guggenheim museum, which is one of the best museums in the world. While we were there we saw many cool exhibits, with the highlight being the rare car exhibit. 

The exterior of the building is made of glass, titanium, and limestone. It looks sick from the back across the river, and from the front it has a massive dog made out of flowers. Awesome – I love dogs

There was a live exhibit in the center of the museum where two artists were building an arched doorway using old levers and pulleys. It was interesting to watch them use ancient techniques to lift up huge pieces of lumber by hand.

While we were walking inside the museum, taking pictures of what we liked, one of the guys in our group took a photo of the security guard’s chairs. She wasn’t even sitting in it, it was just a single black chair in the corner of the room. After taking a photo of it, she got very flustered and proceeded to follow us throughout that whole exhibit, almost kicking out my friend. It was funny.

The best part of the museum was the Motion exhibit. They had 38 of the rarest cars in the world, most being prototypes form the 50’s and 60’s. My favorite car was the 1960 Mercedes SL with the gullwing doors.

Overall, Bilbao was awesome. The Guggenheim was the coolest and goofiest museum I have ever been to. War Eagle!

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