Oh My Gaudi!

Matthew Harmon: AU Engineering – International Engineering Internships in Pamplona, Spain Summer 2022

On one of our last weekends in Spain, we took a train from Pamplona to Barcelona. We were ecstatic to embark on a weekend trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona. Our excitement was only heightened by the prospect of visiting some of the works of the famous architect Antonio Gaudi. We had all heard about the stunning and unique buildings he designed and couldn’t wait to see them in person. As soon as we arrived in Barcelona, we made our way to Park Guell, one of Gaudi’s most famous works. The park was absolutely breathtaking, with colorful mosaics, intricate sculptures, and stunning views of the city. We spent hours exploring every nook and cranny, taking plenty of photos, and marveling at the creativity and skill behind every design element. Fun Fact: The Cheetah Girls movie was filmed here!

Next, we headed to the Sagrada Familia, perhaps Gaudi’s most iconic work. The cathedral was truly awe-inspiring, with its towering spires, intricate facades, and stunning stained-glass windows. We were all amazed by the sheer scale and beauty of the building and spent hours admiring every detail. We also learned about Gaudi’s vision for the cathedral and how it has evolved over the years, which added an extra layer of appreciation for the work. One interesting fact about La Sagrada Familia is that the different facades have completely different designs. My favorite part was definitely looking up on the inside, words truly can’t describe it!

All in all, our visit to Barcelona and the works of Gaudi was a truly unforgettable experience, and we left feeling inspired and in awe of the incredible creativity and beauty that can be found in the world of architecture.

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