Toledo Adventures

Olivia Addis: AU Business – Business Minor in Madrid, Spain & Rome, Italy Summer 2022

While enjoying the hot summer sun in Spain, my grandfather was able to come visit me and spend my week break venturing throughout the country. We decided to go to Toledo, Spain and see what the city of three cultures was like. Seeing the different designs and architecture that were influenced by Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and being able to see the different places of worship and the religious icons throughout the walkways in the city, with all three being represented. We got to watch how the artists handmade the pedant and put the gold and silver lining and details using small tools and very precise hand eye coordination. After watching the art come to life, we walked around and got some delicious food from a restaurant that is owned and ran by a family who have been locals for decades!

With the food settled in our stomachs and a few more hours left of some adventuring in the city, we saw a sign for ziplining. It was a no question plan. We bought our tickets and headed to the starting point. The line took us over the Tagus River, which leads all the way into Lisbon, Portugal! The zipline ride was like no other, with the beautiful view of the river and the most breathtaking sight of the city itself.

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