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Rylin McArthur: AU Business — Fast Track Business Major Core Program in Rome, Italy and Madrid, Spain, Summer 2022

During my 3 month program in Italy and Spain, my parents were able to travel overseas to come visit me for a couple of weeks. Luckily, a good amount of parents were able to visit the other students on my program, and I was very grateful that I could spend a short time with my parents considering the duration of my program.

They first arrived in Spain during our week-long “summer break” in the middle of the program and we made our way to the city of Marbella. Marbella is primarily known for its amazing beaches, and we definitely took advantage of this. We stayed at a beautiful resort, spending most of our time by the pool or beach. For dinner, we would occasionally venture into the city and explore more of what Marbella had to offer. When our time in Marbella unfortunately came to an end, they came back with me to Madrid (where our second half of the program was located).

Every day after class ended, I met up with my parents to wander around Madrid and find fun things to do. Whether it be just stopping at a restaurant for tapas or going to an archaeology museum, it was great getting to spend time with them. My parents were also able to meet my friends from abroad, who I had been talking about since the first week of the program.

In conclusion, if you ever get the opportunity to see your parents when you’re studying abroad, do it!! I promise it will make the opportunity 10x better getting to share a piece of your time with them.

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