Spring Semester in the Big Smoke

121 days. 40 cities. 8 countries. 3 continents. 1 unbelievable experience. My experience abroad began in the same place where I spent most of my time; London, England. However, quickly, I realized due to the nature of my class schedule that I was able to spend most weekends traveling, and I began to do exactly that. Over the course of the next four months I traveled to more corners of Europe (and even some in Africa!) than most people have in a lifetime.


Looking back on my semester abroad, it’s hard to focus in on just a few aspects, simply because so much happened in so little time. People always tell you that your time in college goes by quickly, but if you really want to experience a whirlwind semester, study abroad. From getting covered in mud on the Cliffs of Moher, to driving a hilariously small car through a blizzard somewhere between Thingvellir and Reykjavik, Iceland, every time I think back on my abroad experience, I remember something different. Obviously, the travel is a huge part of my memories of studying abroad, but I thought the most foreign part of the whole experience was how different the classes were. Honestly, that is probably the best part about studying abroad, everything you see, and do is completely different. While that may sound intimidating, it is more exciting than anything.


Studying abroad was always something I knew I wanted to do during college. There really isn’t any other time in your life when you can drop everything and move to a completely different part of the world, while still being able to fulfill obligations you have back home (like graduating on time!). I was especially lucky because I was able to spend my entire time abroad with my girlfriend Callie, and the two of us were able to check off some amazing things on our bucket lists, while making priceless memories together!




While studying abroad, it is almost impossible to plan what is going to happen, whether it be the tube shutting down the morning you have a test and having to get on probably every bus the city of London has at its disposal, or seeing the sun rise over a beach in Morocco, no one can predict the effect experiences like that have on you. I think that is why everyone who has studied abroad can vouch for the gigantic impact it has on their lives.






Joe Mohr

AIFS in London, Spring 2017



Auburn Abroad

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