To Argentina By Way of Antarctica

harrispengsAfter studying abroad in Australia, choosing a second program to go on was very exciting. I looked up programs in Africa and South America. I decided to do something different. I found a program in Antarctica and decided it would be great to study the wildlife there. Unfortunately, the program ended up not being able to take students outside their university. But I had my hopes set on Antarctica at this point. I decided to find a professor who would sponsor me in a trip to the White Continent. The professor agreed to give me research and books to read and a grade at the end of the trip. This study abroad trip was very different from the previous one and offered new learning experiences.harrischile

I went to Antarctica for two weeks on an expedition. They were the most amazing two weeks of my life. The sites I saw consisted of more penguins than you could ever imagine, seals lounging around like giant boulders, whales, albatross, and icebergs larger than a 10-story building. During the expedition, I sat through knowledgeable lectures on conservation and Antarctic wildlife while drinking hot tea to keep warm. After this amazing journey, I spent a month traveling in Argentina and Chile. I also spent a week kayaking and camping through the Chilean fjords. This study abroad trip confirmed to me my passion for conservation and zoology along with my passion of travel.

harrisorlavoIf I could tell someone the one thing I think is most important to do during their college life, it would be to study abroad and travel. Nothing strengthens you as much as experiencing a new culture and place. That spontaneous trip to the Auburn Study Abroad Office during the summer of my freshmen year changed me forever. I would not be the woman I am today without the experiences I had while studying abroad during college. I feel passionately that every student should spend at least one semester in another country to experience adventures of their own.


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