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Semester in the “Fairytale City” (Prague)

I had always known that I wanted to study abroad. I was fortunate enough to grow up as an only child to parents who suffered from “wanderlust,” so I traveled a lot as a kid. I went to China, France, and Australia along with a whole laundry list of places with my parents as a […]

Looking Back on a Semester in Spain

From a young age I’ve been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit with my family. It’s something we’ve always enjoyed doing and something I really wanted to do more of. When I first arrived at college and learned about the Study Abroad program, I knew I wanted to study abroad, but I wasn’t sure […]

Challenge Your Limits

Studying abroad – for me I saw it as an opportunity to live my life in a completely new way, a test, and a chance to develop a new perspective on the world. It had the potential to be an unparalleled experience, but there were so many questions to tackle first. Where would I go? […]

Tourist’s Last Days

Lava came spewing down the side of Mount Etna at a pace that indicated imminent doom. In my mind this was the beginning of the end and the outcome would be just as dismal as Pompeii thousands of years ago. When I decided to Study Abroad in Taormina, Sicily I didn’t know what to expect. […]

I Paid for a Program and Got Change Back

For my study abroad program, we were required to keep a thesis journal. This journal included a multitude of things including recipes, reflections, responses and impressions, facts, pictures, schedules, and MUCH more. Even though it was a required assignment, I began to appreciate how it let me document every aspect of my program. Following is […]

Around the World with Auburn

During my four years at Auburn, I have had several opportunities to gain international experience by studying and volunteering abroad. I studied abroad in what I think are two pivotal moments of my college career: once during the summer after my freshman year and once during the first semester of my senior year. I also […]

London Learning

“It only ends once. Anything before that is just progress” It was not until the fifth day that I woke in my flat and I truly understood what I had gotten myself into. During the spring semester of 2013 I had the opportunity to study and intern abroad in London, England. During the entire pre-departure […]

A European Cultural History Tour

As a child, I lived in Bristol, England for two years. These foggy memories of my childhood’s past were the only glimpses of a life outside of the one that I knew within the United States. As I arrived at Auburn University, everything seemed all too familiar. My entire family had attended the university, which […]

Traveling in Taormina

The four weeks I spent in Taormina, Italy were undoubtedly some of the absolute best of my life. Studying in the beachfront town on the gorgeous, culturally rich island of Sicily was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the time I spent there passed entirely too quickly. Adapting to the laid-back Sicilian lifestyle was […]

Abroad in Ariccia

When I envisioned my time in college I thought about football games and all-nighters but the words study abroad never came to mind.  However, that all changed my sophomore year when I learned about the Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy program through the College of Human Sciences.  Suddenly the idea of Italian food […]