Welcome to the Graze Lab

Research in our lab is focused on understanding the role of sex differences in gene regulation in evolution, from environmental and genetic variability within populations to divergence between species. We study how sex differences in regulation contribute to variability in a variety of phenotypes which are sexually dimorphic: most recently stress, immunity and defense. Our lab group uses Drosophila as a model system and a variety of transgenic and genomic experimental techniques, as well as statistical and bioinformatics analyses, are employed.

We are also interested in the broader role of sex differences in regulation in resolving sexual conflict, in the structure of variability within gene networks and in shaping the phenotypic effects of genetic variants in males and females. Our interests are linked by common questions regarding how sex differences in regulation evolve and how they contribute to the evolution of sexually dimorphic complex traits, as well as understanding the role of common underlying genetic architecture involving the sex determination hierarchy and hormone signaling networks.