BIOL 3000 Genetics. This course covers basic genetic concepts, including transmission, molecular and population genetics, cytogenetics and genomics.

BIOL 5521/6521 Gene Expression and Recombinant DNA Lab. Course-based research experience covering concepts and techniques in recombinant DNA, including transformation, cloning, protein expression and purification. This course was updated in fall 2016 to a course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE) format including cloning and subcloning for recombinant protein expression of a novel gene in collaboration with faculty in biological sciences. In the first iteration of this course update Igf1 and Igf2 from Anolis lizards were cloned and expressed by students in the course in collaboration with Tonia S. Schwartz, allowing them to participate in ongoing research. The course has continued with this research in subsequent semesters, in fall 2018 we plan to test for differences in function between different natural alleles of these genes.