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Tecnología moderna y GWW

Adiós al servidor FrontPage de GWW

El próximo día 8 de abril de 2015 se apagará para siempre el servidor FrontPage que por 15-años ha alojado  la base de datos en línea de GWW. En GWW esperamos que esto no provoque una gran crisis, ya que en los últimos meses se le ha dedicado a esta situación muchas horas de trabajo para actualizar y transferir las bases de datos a un servidor nuevo que es más moderno y rápido. Sin embargo, durante los próximos meses, el acceso a datos del agua a través del sitio de Internet de GWW estará limitado. La nueva base de datos y sitio Internet que se están elaborando tienen características tales como: ser sensibles a los dispositivos móviles (tabletas, teléfonos móviles, etc)  y en GWW todos esperamos que ésta sea una transición sin problemas. El primer componente que se está elaborando es la entrada de datos en línea, que tendrá unas semanas de prueba hasta corroborar que su funcionamiento sea correcto. Les pedimos que tengan paciencia durante este periodo de transición a la nueva base de datos en línea y sitio Internet. Confiamos en que será más fácil de usar, intuitivo y útil a nuestros fieles monitores, educadores y el público en general en México, y más allá.

going responsive !

Por último, durante este período de transición, por favor continúen realizando el monitoreo de sus aguas locales, y retengan copias impresas de los datos colectados. Además, si tienen idea de alguna característica que podría mejorar la base de datos o el accesso a los datos vía Internet, por favor, envíenos su sugerencia o  llámenos vía telefónica para hablar acerca de ello.

Finally a GWW blog. Is there a need of it?

For years I have been pondering if there is need of another blog out there in cyberspace, a GWW blog. Probably my excuse for not having it earlier was to not dedicate time to write regularly and be able to keep the blog updated. However, the pressure of technology and other has made me finally give it a try and pursue this form of communication for GWW.  After all, a blog is apparently one of the best online platforms to communicate with the world; and we are Global Water Watch. For those who know me, you realize that of course I had to go and do a little research about blogs before I would publish anything.

I want the GWW blog to have things that are interesting, appealing and educative, and yet written in an entertaining way. In other words not to be boring. Which is not easy when addressing certain topics. I always will admire Isaac Asimov for his prolific and enchanting way of writing, on any topic you can imagine. I always wished I could write a little bit like he did. He said “a poor idea well written is more likely to be accepted than a good idea poorly written”, and that is so true. But I think to Asimov writing was not just a habit; it was a lifestyle. And I also think that watershed stewardship should also be a lifestyle as well. Everybody’s lifestyle since everybody lives on a watershed.

Water monitoring is the focus of GWW philosophy of watershed stewardship. And we would like for water monitoring to become intrinsic on everybody. Some say that most people can create or break a habit in just 21 days. Other suggest that creating or changing a habit will take 30 days, and if it is re-affirmed for another 30 days it will definitely get  imprinted on any person and they will have no problem to continue from there on. Water monitoring will take longer since GWW suggests to monitor only once or twice a month; therefore it may be more difficult to create that habit since it is not conducted everyday, and changing a habit is never simple. Nonetheless, experts say that in reality habits are easier to create than to break.

GWW hopes watershed stewardship can become the lifestyle to many, making sustainability an everyday practice. I am convinced that a world with zero waste and no toxic releases and a safe and stable climate, and equal access to ample, clean water and healthy food by everybody is far away or just a dream world. GWW appreciates the commitment of those scores of dreamers that have adopted the habit of monitoring and have learned to enjoy it.

I hope the habit of writing grows in me and of course we will accept ideas and suggestions about entries in this blog to make it alive and active. We all have a little bit of doctor, poet, and madman in us, my mother used to say; so please let me start reading your poems.