Monthly Archives: January 2017



Looking back at 2016… 

2016 was a very busy yet an extraordinary year for GWW. Intense journeys were accomplished in the USA, Bolivia, Kenya and Mexico to spread the word about watershed stewardship. Thanks for your participation and support to GWW, hundreds of people were introduced and encouraged to take a personal and holistic approach to watershed stewardship and monitoring for an improved quality of life and a sustainable future for our planet, where water is used and shared sustainably and equitably.

We look forward to keep collaborating with you and celebrate another year of success and partnership in 2017.

The GWW Team.

Here are some highlights from 2016… 

GWW Mexico continues strongly expanding citizen-based water monitoring across the country. Monitors from many states had a two-day gathering in Coatepec, Veracruz to celebrate Ten Years of GWW in Mexico. Guided discussions were conducted as they shared experiences and challenges while trying to solve local water problems.The launch of the GWW online databases in the GWW website water data portals was one of our major accomplishments bringing back this critical feature of citizen monitoring.  Visit the GWW website to explore water data from the different country partners and please send us any feedback about your experience!

Your active and dedicated participation with GWW has made all of this possible.We look forward to continuing this rewarding journey with all our network friends in 2017.