Happy 2020 Volunteers!

Happy 2020

Looking back at 2019… 
it was a very busy yet an extraordinary year for GWW. Intense journeys were accomplished in Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico and the US to spread the word about watershed stewardship. Thanks for your participation and support to GWW, hundreds of people were introduced and encouraged to take a personal and holistic approach to watershed stewardship and monitoring. All with the goal of an improved quality of life and a sustainable future for our planet, where upcoming generations share water and natural resources with sustainability and equability. We look forward to keep collaborating with you and celebrate another year of success and partnership in 2020.
The GWW Team.

Here are some highlights from 2019… GWW Mexico continues strongly expanding citizen-based water monitoring across the country. A large long term project funded by the World Bank was successfully completed. New projects will allow for GWW-Mexico to continue their water monitoring activities. A new training center in Costa Rica has opened up a great opportunity for international partners to attend GWW certifications, as traveling to that country is easier compared to traveling to the US. GWW training was conducted there with participants from Costa Rica, Honduras, and Guatemala. GWW activities in the Argentinian Patagonia continue with such success that has attracted the attention of residents in the Chilean side of Patagonia. Close to the GWW home, a new 3-year project was awarded to expand GWW activities to the State of Mississippi. GWW in the State of Washington also had a very strong 2019 with the collection of hundreds of water monitoring records. Maintaining and updating the GWW online databases in the GWW website water data portals was again one of our major challenges as web development software develops and GWW has to keep up with this critical feature of citizen monitoring.  Visit the GWW website to explore water data from the different country partners and please send us any feedback about your experience!
Your active and dedicated participation with GWW has made all of this possible.We look forward to continuing this rewarding journey with all our network friends in 2020.