Be Well Hut

Be Well Hut

The Be Well Hut is a peer health outreach program. Our team of students encourage healthy living, one button at a time! The Hutters as they are affectionally known lead activities and discuss topics developed around the 9 dimensions of wellness and are specific to college student lives. The hut can be found on the concourse Tuesday-Thursday from 10AM-2PM.

Hutter of the Week

Jesse McLeroy | Sophomore in Chemical Engineering

Team Week: Love Your Body

Jesse was chosen as Hutter of the Week for her dedication to the hut! She braved the rain to continue handing out buttons to students while everyone else huddled under the hut. Thanks for your dedication, Jesse!!

Jesse McLeroy headshot for Hutter of the Week

Executive Team

photo of madison
photo of allison
photo of tyla
photo of joseph
photo of anna
photo of teressa
Madison Morlan


Allison Love


Tyla Wicks

Director of Concourse

Joseph Anderson

Director of Membership

Anna Crowley

Co-Director of Recruitment

Teressa Duong

Co-Director of Recruitment

Markie Pasternak

Coordinator for Outreach and Peer Education; BeWell Hut Advisor

Team Leaders

photo of isabella
photo of jada
photo of hannah
photo of madeline
photo of olivia
photo of hudson
Isabella Aldana

Team Leader
Sleep Habits Week

Jada Norford

Team Leader

Hannah Smith

Team Leader
Tobacco Week

Madeline Farmer

Team Leader
Love Your Body Week

Olivia Saucedo

Team Leader

Hudson Holmes

Team Leader
Cardiorespiratory Health Week

photo of sam
photo of abby
photo of madison
photo of jordan
photo of hannah
photo of lauren
Sam Spark

Team Leader
Finals Health Week

Abby Hagelskamp

Team Leader

Madison Schoeberl

Team Leader
Healthy Relationships Week

Jordan Hanks

Team Leader

Hannah Gudasukas

Team Leader

Lauren Oliver

Team Leader
Career/Next Steps Week

photo of madison
photo of claire
photo of kathryn
photo of lauren
Madison McClure

Team Leader

Claire Chumley

Team Leader

Kathryn Lee

Team Leader

Lauren Hurston

Team Leader

Weekly Topics

This week at the hut
Be well hut fall 2017 meeting
Current Team Member Information and FAQs

Be on time to your shift. If you are going to be late, notify your shift leader

Wear your name tag and BWH shirt to every shift

Do not stand in the hut; make sure you are actively passing out buttons and engaging students

Be sure to read over the flyer and know a quick blurb that you might say if someone asks about the buttons/week

Play music through the speaker, but make sure it is appropriate for the hut (e.g. not explicit or derogatory)

All Member Training Meeting at the beginning of the semester

Weekly concourse hour (1 hour shift every week)

Team meetings as requested by your Team Leader

Button making for your team week for at least 1 hour that week

Mid-Semester/End of Semester meeting

Who do I contact if I need to miss a shift?

Tyla Wicks (

What do if I miss a shift?

Email Tyla with the time and date of the shift you are missing, the reason for missing (be specific!), and how/when you are going to make up your shift.

What are my options for making up a shift?

Make buttons for an hour or attend another shift on top of your weekly shift

Who do I email if I have a conflict with my shift time?

Joseph Anderson (

How many absences can I have?

You are allowed ONE study skip and TWO unexcused absences. Excused absences will be monitored and if they become excessive you will be contacted. After the first unexcused absence, you will be sent a warning.

What is considered an unexcused absence?

An absence is considered unexcused if you do not email ahead of your shift, if you do not provide a legitimate reason for missing, or if you do not email at all.

Do I have to make up a Study Skip?

No, we understand that you are first and foremost a student and sometimes school is more important. Study skips are considered a one “free pass”.

If it is my team week and I miss my shift, how many make up hours do I have to do?

You must complete one make up hour for missing the concourse hour on top of your mandatory one hour for your team week. So, you would have to make buttons for 2 hours that week or attend a different shift and make buttons for one hour.

Do I only have to make buttons for my team’s week?

No, you are not required to make buttons outside of your team week and make-ups, but it is highly encouraged to help out as much as possible. We keep track of who make extra effort to help out with the hut, and your dedication will be recognized.

What do I say if someone asks how to join the hut team?

Tell them that applications are accepted at the end of each semester for admittance the following semester. Spring 2018 applications will open in late November/early December.

Do I have to reapply for the hut every semester?

No, current members will be asked about re-commitment towards the end of the semester. However, we do keep track of absences and review membership of those who have not shown a commitment to the hut throughout the semester.