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24/7 Crisis Phone Number: 334-844-SAFE(7233)

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Safe Harbor is a 24/7 free and confidential advocacy service for students, faculty, and staff of Auburn University who are impacted by power-based personal violence (e.g., sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking/harassment). We are survivor-centered and dedicated to serving people of all races, cultures, nationalities, immigration statuses, sexual orientations, gender expressions, economic statuses, religions, ability statuses, and other social identities.

Safe Harbor advocates provide support and information about on- and off-campus services including


*Medical Care

*Title IX Reporting

*Legal Reporting

*Academic Accommodations

We support the decisions made by the survivor and offer assistance and accompaniment to appointments/services when requested.

How to contact Safe Harbor

24/7 Crisis Phone Number: 334-844-SAFE(7233)

Email (for non-emergencies):

Office Drop-In: 1206 Student Center

Other Confidential Resources
  • Student Counseling and Psychological Services
    • 334-884-7233 (24-Hour)
  • East Alabama Medical Center
    • 334-749-3411
  • Unity Wellness Center
    • 334-749-3593
  • Rape Counselors of East Alabama
    • 334-705-0510 (24-Hour)
    • 334-741-0707
  • Domestic Violence Intervention Center
    • 334-749-1515
  • Auburn University Medical Clinic
    • 334-844-4416
  • Employee Assistance Program
    • 800-925-5327