Player Spotlight: Anthony Generotti

This week’s player spotlight is on second year player Anthony Generotti (5’10”- 170) who is a senior at Auburn University studying Biosystems Engineering. Anthony was born on March 12, 1989 and is from Franklin, Tennessee. He started playing youth hockey in Pennsylvania in 1997 then played youth and high school hockey in Franklin at Independence High School. He plays center on the ice for the Tigers and serves as Assistant Captain.

Anthony’s favorite NHL teams are the Nashville Predators and the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Nashville Predators’ logo is a Smilodon floridanus aka a saber-toothed cat. It was chosen because in 1971 a partial Smilodon skeleton was unearthed during construction in downtown Nashville.

When he is not on the ice for the Tigers, he enjoys being outdoors, hunting, and watching or playing sports.

Do you have any particular goals for the season? To compete in the SECHC tournament.

What influenced your decision to come to Auburn? The beautiful campus and engineering.