Player Spotlight: Seph Kestner

This week’s player spotlight is on returning player from last year’s inaugural team, Seph Kestner. He is a senior at Auburn University studying pre-Dentistry. Seph (6’0-190 lbs.) was born on May 23, 1990 and he originates from Huntsville, Alabama. He has been playing ice hockey for 17 years beginning when he was four years old.  Last season, he occupied the position of a defenseman; however this season he plays center for the Tigers as well as being named the captain of the team.

Seph’s favorite hockey team is the Detroit Red Wings, whose unofficial mascot is a purple octopus named Al. The octopus derives from a tradition started in 1952 when NHL teams had to win 8 games in the post-season to win the Stanley Cup.

When he is not on the ice for the Tigers, he enjoys playing other sports like volleyball and golf. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends.

Do you have any particular goals for the season? To make it to the SECHC tournament and to beat Bama of course.

What influenced your decision to come to Auburn? I had some good friends from home come here and so it was a no brainer.

So far this season, Seph has had 7 goals, which include a hat trick against Georgia State, and 4 assists.