The Officers of Auburn Hockey

While your Auburn Tigers are out on the ice, another group of students are working just as hard to make sure the game runs smoothly. These unsung heroes are the officers of the Auburn hockey team. You know them as the smiling faces that greet you at the Ice Rink, work the ticket booth and merchandise table, and keep score during the game. You might even see one run by franticly with a walkie-talkie.
While a large majority of the officers’ work happens before game-day, games are the culminating point for everyone and the reason for it all.
To provide a little more insight into the world of the officers we’ve asked them a few questions.

James, Game-Day Officer
Call-sign: Maverick
Game-Day Responsibilities: Overseeing of all game-day operations, Announcer

Favorite Team: Detroit Red Wings

Favorite Player: Brendan Shanahan

Favorite Hockey Movie: Slap Shot

Favorite AU Hockey Moment: “The first time I realized Trevor Hightower looks like Ash Ketchum.”

Andie, Scheduling Officer
Call-sign: Lightning Fury
Game-Day Responsibilities: Visiting Team and Referee Ambassador, also mans Auburn penalty box

Favorite Team: Detroit, son!

Favorite Player: Pavel Datsyuk

Favorite Hockey Movie: D2: The Mighty Ducks

Favorite AU Hockey Moment: Pete’s 5 on 3 shorthanded goal.


Jackie, Graphic Design Officer
Call-sign: Serif
Game-Day Responsibilities: Scoreboard operations and keeping Maverick sane

Favorite Team: Nashville Predators

Favorite Hockey Movie: Youngblood

Favorite AU Hockey Moment: The road-trip to Tupelo.


Katy, Webmaster Officer
Hot Diggity
Game-Day Responsibilities:
Updating AU hockey website and facebook page, selling merchandise

Favorite Team: Nashville Predators

Favorite Player: Shea Weber

Favorite Hockey Movie: Mystery, Alaska

Favorite AU Hockey Moment: Winning.


Erica, Statistician
Call-sign: Ginger Spice
Game-Day Responsibilities: Scorekeeping

Favorite Team: Detroit Red Wings

Favorite Player: Nick Lidstrom

Favorite Hockey Movie: The Mighty Ducks

Claire, Secretary
Call-sign: Blades
Game-Day Responsibilities: Mans the visiting team penalty box

Favorite Team: Chicago Blackhawks and Anaheim Ducks

Favorite AU Hockey Moment: Finding out there’s an Auburn hockey team

Fun fact: Claire is an extremely skilled figure skater.


Clay, Equipment Manager
Call-sign: Tiny
Game-Day Responsibilities: Keeper of the jerseys, also goes on banana and Gatorade runs

Favorite Team: Winnipeg Jets/ Atlanta Thrashers

Favorite Player: Evander Kane

Favorite Hockey Movie: Miracle

Favorite AU Hockey Moment: When Auburn scored with less than two seconds left to beat South Carolina 9-8.


David, Game-Day Staff
Call-sign: Badger
Game-Day Responsibilities: Selling tickets and merchandise, also runs the scoreboard

Favorite Team: Detroit Red Wings

Favorite Player: Pavel Datsyuk

Favorite Hockey Movie: Miracle

Favorite AU Hockey Moment: Cramped in the backseat for a five hour car ride to Tupelo and being rewarded with an AU victory.