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Child Hunger at Home- Part 5

Welcome back to the End Child Hunger in AL (ECHA) blog. It has been over a month since our last post! Hopefully everyone has had a safe & happy holiday…

Child Hunger at Home- Part 4

Welcome back to the ECHA Blog! We’re continuing with our series “Child Hunger at Home” which outlines the critical issue of hunger and the effects on children. If this is…

Child Hunger at Home- Part 3

Welcome back to the End Child Hunger in AL (ECHA) blog! We hope this series on child hunger has been helpful for you & your understanding of the issue. This…



GODAN Hackathon

Authored by Molly Rhodes, Auburn University At the Hilton Midtown in New York City, in a small room with 10 round tables, 80 people were bunched together in groups talking about the next way that world hunger could be solved. A hackathon event can last anywhere from 24 consecutive hours to 7 days. Computer programmers,

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GODAN: A Student Perspective

Authored by Mackenzie Skiff, HSI Intern, Auburn University New York City has been painted in movies and TV as a “world of opportunity” with hopes, dreams, and fresh ideas, so it made sense to place the 2016 GODAN Summit in the heart of this city. GODAN is the initiative to encourage Global Open Data for

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