What is ASB?

Alternative Student Breaks (ASB) is a program offered by the Office of Student Involvement that began as a rather large dream in Spring 2008. Students saw the necessity and exciting opportunities that existed to perform service and make a difference in someone else’s life while they had a break from class. Out of that dream, Alternative Student Breaks was started to give students the opportunity to perform community service on their academic breaks. ASB is different from other volunteer organizations because it promotes service all over the US and internationally. ASB has taken trips to South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Texas, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and more!

The Mission

Our mission at ASB is to fully engage Auburn students in an affordable and educational service experience, focusing on pressing social and environmental issues to promote active citizenship.

Break Away

Alternative Student Breaks serves as a small, yet important part of a national organization,  Break Away.

Break Away currently has a network of over 100 chapter schools, more than 400 nonprofit partners, and hundreds of individual members worldwide. Every year, Break Away holds national conferences called Alternative Break Citizenship Schools (ABCs) to train leaders in Alternative Break Programs.

The Active Citizen Continuum guides both Break Away’s and Alternative Student Breaks’s missions.

Furthermore, Break Away’s Eight Quality Components of an alternative break are modeled and used by our organization. These components are as follows:

(1) Strong Direct Service
(2) Orientation
(3) Education
(4) Training
(5) Reflection
(6) Reorientation
(7) Diversity
(8) Drug and Alcohol Free

Last modified: August 12, 2021