Auburn Guides

Guidebook is a software program that allows anyone with little to no technological background to build and promote beautiful and simple mobile apps for programs, events, and offices. We’ve been working with businesses, organizations, and universities for 4+ years to ensure that they provide a mobile platform for their audiences in an intuitive and easy-to-build platform.

Guidebook worked very closely with Auburn to build a branded app specifically for the university, Auburn Guides. Content is built into individual Guides based on the program, event, or intended audience. All Guides built specifically for Auburn are centrally located within Auburn Guides.

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Auburn Guides
Full Description
Auburn Guides provides official information about many of Auburn University’s campus departments & student organizations. Download to find information about Camp War Eagle, Successfully Orienting Students (SOS), Career Center, Parent and Family Programs, Residence Life, Student Organizations, Academic Support, Parking Services, Student Conduct, Student Government Association, University Program Council, Welcome Week, and more.

Auburn Guides allows users to create custom schedules, to-do lists, and access a wide array of campus information. Stay connected through a broad variety of Auburn University social media platforms.

Shortened App Description 
Guides to Auburn University services and programs.

Product Feature Bullets

  1. Easy access to Student Affairs, Orientation, and Career Center events & information
  2. Maps to assist with navigating Auburn University’s campus
  3. Helpful resources for students, parents, and families
  4. Information for employers seeking to hire Auburn University students and graduates
  5. Integration with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube


Last modified: April 6, 2019