Organization Pages

AUinvolve is the online database for all student organizations. Organization leaders are required to ensure that information for their organization is maintained and accurate. The following information includes highlights of the information that organization leaders should ensure is updated at all times on their organization’s homepage.

Constitution & Bylaws: A current copy of your organization’s constitution & bylaws should be stored on the organizations “Documents” tab on AUinvolve at all times. When changes are made to your organization’s constitution & bylaws, upload a new copy to the Documents tab on your organization AUinvolve page. Constitution & bylaws are two separate types of documents, but should be saved as 1 document.

Roster: Student Organizations must maintain an active and correct roster on AUinvolve at all times. All students who are participating in any type of role within the organization should be listed appropriately on the roster. Any student who is no longer involved with the organization should be removed from the roster. Student Organizations must maintain an active roster and correct roster with at least 10 members listed. Membership is limited to Auburn University students, faculty, and staff.

Updating Roster on AUinvolve:

Creating Positions- To create a position you’d like to assign to a student, from your organization’s AUinvolve page take the following steps. Roster>Manage Positions>Create Positions>Name the position & Set administrative access> Create.

Editing Position Administrative Access- Follow the same steps above except click on the position you’d like to edit and change any level of access as necessary.

Assigning Positions- Once positions are created you will be able to assign that particular position to as many individuals as necessary. To assign a position take these steps: Roster>Manage Roster>Locate the individual(s) names you’d like to assign>Edit Position>Assign the appropriate position. Note: Any administrative access associated with that position will be assigned to the student.

Event Registration:

Organization Functions: AUinvolve provides a calendar for each student organization member to utilize. The calendar feature should be used to ensure that members within the organization are aware of activities and that all events are registered with the Office of Student Involvement. All activities, special programs, speakers, concerts, social activities, workshops, meeting, etc should be submitted through AUinvolve. Most meetings and off campus events do not require additional approvals. With the exception of Student Affairs permits, registering your events on AUinvolve does not approve or deny it. Read more about events that require campus wide approvals in the event planning section.

Permits: Student organization leaders may request most Division of Student Affairs permits through AUinvolve. These permits include: Concourse/Outdoor Space, Open Air Forum, Promotional Areas, and others. Permits should be submitted at least 48 business hours prior to start time. For questions regarding any of these permits, contact Debbie Hood.


It is the responsibility of each student organization to ensure they have an advisor on record with the Office of Student Involvement. Student organizations advisors are required to attend an Advisor Certification session once every three years. New advisors must attend an Advisor Certification session during their first year as advisor of the organization. Advisor certification sessions will cover financial guidelines, risk management guidelines, and other important information regarding the role of advisors on the Auburn University campus. For more information on when your organization’s advisor is required to attend and certification dates, check the Office of Student Involvement website.


Last modified: June 24, 2020