Phase 1: Explore Self

Facilitates students’ self-awareness and discovery


Learning Objectives:

Students will:

  • analyze various tenets of leadership.
  • identify their personal, core values.
  • examine their role within systems of power, privilege and oppression.
  • define their personal leadership style and philosophy.


Program Content:

Weekly meetings will cover a range of leadership concepts, lessons and tactics such as values congruence, self-awareness, social identity, teamwork and community buildings, bystander intervention, communication, strategic planning, inclusive and equitable leadership, organizational change, resilience, emotional intelligence, service, and visioning.

Participants will create a personal leadership philosophy and add components highlighting their attitudes and beliefs towards leadership throughout the academic year.


Weekly topics:

Fall 2020

Meeting 1: Welcome to Emerge

Meeting 2: My Story, Your Story, Our Story

Meeting 3: Finding My Values

Meeting 4: Values in Action

Meeting 5: Who Am I? Personality Assessment

Meeting 6:  Who Are You? Understanding Others

Meeting 7: Telling Your Story (Personal Branding)

Meeting 8: Let’s Talk (Effective Communication)

Meeting 9: Squad Up! Teamwork & Community

Meeting 10:  See You Next Semester


Spring 2021

Meeting 11:  Welcome Back (Personal Leadership Philosophy)

Meeting 12: Just Breathe (Resilience & Renewal)

Meeting 13: Emotional Intelligence

Meeting 14: Making Ethical Decisions

Meeting 15: Inclusive & Equitable Leadership

Meeting 16: Leading Toward Justice

Meeting 17: Navigating Change Together

Meeting 18: If Not Us, Then Who?

Meeting 19: Leading at Auburn

Meeting 20: Visioning for the Future

Meeting 21: Looking Back on Explore


Executive Board

Director: Laine Harrington

Assistant Director: Ashley Fountain

Day Coordinators: Mimi Meadows, Taylor Janousek, and Danielle Pezza

Last modified: August 24, 2020