Phase 2: Spark Change

Promotes a commitment to service, social consciousness and community engagement.

Offered in Fall and Spring

Learning Objectives:

Students will:

  • explore various concepts of the steps to creating change and servant leadership.
  • research a social issue.
  • plan and begin implementation of a service project.

Program Content:

Weekly meetings will cover Kotter’s Change Model, social issues, proximity, pathways to service, principles of ethical and effective service, visioning and goal planning, community development strategies, systems thinking, sustainability, global issues and service initiatives and social responsibility.
Participants will plan and begin implementation of a multi-activity service projects that will require them to implement considerations of community work discussed throughout the semester and present their final projects to the organizations.

Weekly topics:

Fall 2020

Meeting 1: Welcome to Spark!

Meeting 2: Telling Our Stories

Meeting 3: Sparking Change

Meeting 4: A Future Where…

Meeting 5: The Big Picture

Meeting 6: Navigating Disagreement

Meeting 7: Community Action

Meeting 8: Transformational Leadership

Meeting 9: Social Sustainability

Meeting 10: Presentations

Meeting 11: Looking Ahead: What’s Next?


Executive Board

Director: Savannah Petrus

Assistant Director: Erin Bunkers

Day Coordinators: Kelly Blacksher and Eli Ledford


Last modified: August 12, 2020