Phase 3: Transform Leaders

Prepares students for positional leadership on campus, in the community, and within their respective career fields.

Offered in the Fall and Spring

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Learning Objectives:

Students will…

  • Apply their personal leadership philosophy and the NACE Career Competencies to aspired positional role on campus and/or in the community.
  • Reflect on the skills gained throughout Emerge that are transferable to their future career field with guidance from their campus coach and/or industry mentor through monthly meetings.
  • Utilize Clifton StrengthsQuest as a tool for understanding and discussing one’s personal strengths and how those apply to roles on-campus and in careers.
  • Create a professional development plan with their mentor to identify goals and make plans in accordance within their desired area of campus leadership or respective career fields.


Program Content:

Monthly meetings will cover topics related to positional and professional leadership, goal setting, strengths/areas for growth, group development, problem solving, cross-cultural fluency, critical thinking, building a network, giving and receiving feedback etc.

Students will create a professional development plan to identify goals, actionable steps, and plans for growth within their campus involvement or future career fields.


Monthly Topics:

Month 0: Welcome to Transform!

Month 1: Mapping Your Path

Month 2: Building Your Strengths

Month 3: Strategic Thinking for the Future


Executive Board

Director: Liz Carroll

Assistant Director: Molly Morris

Last modified: August 11, 2020