Leading Beyond Auburn

Mission / Purpose 

The Leading Beyond Auburn Grant by Emerge at Auburn is designed to afford Auburn University students the funding necessary to experience leadership development opportunities beyond what is offered at Auburn University. Through this grant and the opportunities afforded by it, the purpose aligns with the mission and vision of Emerge at Auburn: 

  • Refining profiles as successful, ethical, and effective campus, community, industry and world leaders 
  • Envisioning Auburn students as socially conscious, ethical, and thoughtful leaders who are committed and prepared to engage and contribute positively to our local and global communities 


Outcomes & Benefits 

By applying for this grant and taking part in leadership development opportunities outside of Auburn, the outcomes and benefits include: 

  • More equitable access to leadership processes and development 
  • A deeper consciousness and understanding of the self 
  • Identifying passion and purpose for being a leader 
  • Empowerment to be an informed and equitable leader 
  • Space to think critically about their role as a leader and expand upon global perspectives 
  • Greater preparedness to serve in leadership capacities on Auburn’s campus and beyond


Fundable Opportunities/Regulations  

  • For the Fall of 2020, we will only be accepting applications for online/virtual opportunities 
  • Funds will be reimbursed to students as defined in university spending policies including but not limited to: registration fees, accommodations, travel, meals, etc.  
  • Opportunities may not be affiliated with partisan political activity, denominational religious activities or activities that violate the SGA anti-discrimination policy found in the SGA Code of Laws Chapter 1500.2. 
  • As a part of the application process on AU Involve, students will need to explain how the experience will enhance their leadership development that is aligned with the benefits of the Leading Beyond Auburn Grant 
  • Students will also need to provide a “reference” or someone that can vouch for the experience as a reputable one 
  • After the experience is completed, applicants are required to write a one-page reflection or create a PowerPoint presentation about how the experience benefited their leadership develop and talk about some of the things they learned. Applicants can do this through a Zoom webinar presentation or poster session. 


Examples of Opportunities 

Below you will find a list of potential opportunities for leadership development that can be covered by the Leading Beyond Auburn Grant. These are just some of the many opportunities that may exist and wanted to showcase some suggestions of what they look like. Leadership development opportunities are not limited to the following: 


Submission Process 

The application and submission to be considered for the Leading Beyond Auburn Grant can be found on Emerge’s AU Involve page. Click here to get taken to the application form on Emerge’s AU Involve page. 


Contact for Questions 

If you would like to reach out to Emerge to find out more about these opportunities, please email aec0124@auburn.edu for more information. 

Last modified: August 24, 2020