Event Planning

Planning events is oftentimes a rewarding experience for students but requires multiple steps and precautions to ensure that student safety is an utmost priority. Student Involvement provides tools and tips to assist in ensuring your event planning process runs as smoothly as possible.

Guidelines for university events through Oct. 10

Auburn will adhere to special guidelines for university events through Oct. 10.

At this time, Auburn allows events of fewer than 50 people, as well as some larger events, provided the events to ensure appropriate physical distancing and other safety protocols.

Following are guidelines for university events:

  1. Events with fewer than 50 people should submit the request through regular channels (Campus Events Planning System, AUinvolve, etc.) and include a description of how event planners will ensure appropriate physical distancing in a space that accommodates the group.
  2. If a group would like to host an event with 50 or more people, a request should be submitted in writing to the vice president of the group’s unit for review. The request must include how the event will ensure physical distancing and details about the space that would accommodate the group. If the vice president confirms these guidelines are met and approves the event, the request is forwarded to the executive vice president for review. Once approved, the request must be submitted through regular channels (Campus Events Planning System, AUinvolve, etc.)
  3. Event coordinators are expected to maintain a list that includes name, telephone number and email address for every attendee, which will be used if there is a need for contact tracing.
  4. All event attendees are required to wear masks or face coverings, and all event attendees must have their temperature taken and answer questions regarding symptoms, all of which will occur daily for multi-day events.
  5. No campus housing will be provided during multi-day events. Meals may be provided but only under specific requirements. Work through regular channels (Campus Events Planning System, AUinvolve, etc.) for guidance.
  6. Event coordinators are responsible for ensuring adherence to all guidelines.
  7. Events larger than 250 people are not permitted with the exception of graduation where additional safety protocols will be in place.

These guidelines are consistent with recommendations from public health officials, including the Centers for Disease Control and the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Sample event planning process:

  1. Contact the location in which you would like to host your event to discuss availability and room locations for your desired event.
  2. Fill out an Event Request Form through the Office of Communications & Marketing (auburn.edu/auevent). This form may require you to obtain additional permits or forms for various reasons (amplified sound, tents, etc).
  3. Apply for any advertising permits on AUinvolve. (SAOs are the only organizations in which advertising permits will be approved prior to the event approval on CEPS. Should the event not be approved, the organization is responsible for any promotional costs)
  4. Submit your event information to AUinvolve
  5. Upon approval of your Event Request Form, within 2-3 business days contact the venue manager to confirm your reservation. Your reservation hold will be released if you do not contact within the allotted time period.

Last modified: July 30, 2020