Event Planning

Planning events is oftentimes a rewarding experience for students but requires multiple steps and precautions to ensure that student safety is an utmost priority. Student Involvement provides tools and tips to assist in ensuring your event planning process runs as smoothly as possible.

Sample event planning process:

  1. Contact the location in which you would like to host your event to discuss availability and room locations for your desired event.
  2. Fill out an Event Request Form through the Office of Communications & Marketing (auburn.edu/auevent). This form may require you to obtain additional permits or forms for various reasons (amplified sound, tents, etc).
  3. Apply for any advertising permits on AUinvolve. (SAOs are the only organizations in which advertising permits will be approved prior to the event approval on CEPS. Should the event not be approved, the organization is responsible for any promotional costs)
  4. Submit your event information to AUinvolve
  5. Upon approval of your Event Request Form, within 2-3 business days contact the venue manager to confirm your reservation. Your reservation hold will be released if you do not contact within the allotted time period.

Last modified: May 24, 2021