Budget & Finance Process

The Basics

Program Expansion Fund (PEF)- The fund from which SAPs can request a reoccurring increase. Each Request is reviewed by the B&F committee at the end of the year.

Reserve Fund Request (RFR)- This is a request for some amount of funding that is requested for a one time event or project.

Carryover- Each year the amount that is left SAP accounts rolls over into the next fiscal year if an SAP has a specific purpose for keeping it.

SAP- There are six SAPs that participate in the B&F process every year: Student Involvement (Administrative), Student Governance, Student Programming, Leadership & Service, Student Organizations, and Student Media.

COL Section 800- The section of the SGA Code of Laws that governs all financial decisions of SAPs.

Friendly Cuts- Each committee member will make cuts to their SAP’s budget on a volunteer basis.

Proposed Cuts- Once all friendly cuts have been made committee members will begin making motions to cut from any SAP budget.


Each fiscal year the annual budget for the Office of Student Involvement is dispersed through allocations. The budget for each SAP is determined through a process of reviewing past budgets and estimating the needs of the organization for the upcoming fiscal year.


If an SAP needs additional funding they may request either a Program Expansion Fund request or a Reserve Fund Request. Your advisor or president will email the B&F Chair detailing the request. The B&F Chair will brief the committee members before the SAP comes to present their request. The B&F Committee discusses the request and votes on it. If passed, the request is put into a bill and brought to the floor for the Senate to vote on.


Each B&F Committee member is assigned to one or more SAP as their representative. Initial budgets are written by each SAP and turned in to the B&F Chair in April. Administrative assistants, the B&F Chair, and the SAP’s B&F representative will review the request and note any corrections. Changes are made over the summer and the beginning of the fall semester. Final requests are due in late August. In addition to final budgets, each SAP also turns in a priority sheet, line item explanations, and increase/decrease explanations. It is the representatives job to understand every part of their SAP budget.

Budget hearings are attended by the B&F Committee, the SAP treasurers, the SAP advisors, Senate technician and secretary. There is open seating in the back for anyone who wishes to attend. Each committee member sits by their SAP treasurer around a table with the chair leading the hearing at the podium. Friendly cuts are made first until no more cuts are volunteered. Soon after, proposed cuts begin in which a representative can make a motion to cut from any SAP budget.

This process continues until the total amount requested equals the total amount available. Once reviewed and finalized, the final budget requests are written into bills and presented to the senate for final voting. The new fiscal year begins on October 1.

Last modified: July 23, 2018