Promoting Your Organization

In order for an event to be successful you must plan your event promotion early in the planning process, considering things like budget and audience. There are many different ways to reach your audience, some are free and some require funding. You can have a successful event without spending large sums of money on marketing if you plan ahead.

Ongoing Programs – Ongoing programs require constant marketing strategies. It is important that you continually promote your organization while keeping your approach fresh and engaging.

Applications – It is very important that you advertise your applications before they are available and during the period that they are open.

General Awareness – You may not always have an event, application, or drive to promote, but it is important to always share your story. In the times when your organization is not as active, you should consider sharing stories about your members, the impact your organization has had on an individual, or other ideas that make your organization personable and approachable.

Social Media – Organizations are encouraged to have active social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Effective social media can help your organization reach new members and retain existing ones. You can find all social media resources here.


Last modified: September 17, 2019