Organization Requirements

Annual Requirements:

Being a registered student organization with Auburn University has many benefits for the organization and students alike. With those benefits also come a number of responsibilities. Student Organizations may face Probationary status if their leaders fail to comply with any requirement made known by Student Involvement.

Requirements to Remain a Recognized AU Student Organization

  • Attend the annual President’s Meeting each fall hosted by Student Involvement.
  • Maintain accurate contact information on AUinvolve at all times.
  • Register all organization events (regular scheduled meetings, events, etc) through AUinvolve and other necessary forms.
  • Have at least 10 members in the organization at all times. Membership in Auburn University student organizations should be limited to enrolled Auburn University students or Auburn University faculty and staff. Rosters should be accurate at all times. It is the responsibility of the organization to ensure the roster only includes students currently involved with the organization.
  • Have an faculty or staff member serving as Advisor of the student organization.
  • Advisors must participate in Advisor’s Training the first year they are serving as an advisor. Advisors should attend trainings at least once every 4 years or as necessary determined by Student Involvement and the individual advisor.
  • Must adhere to sound financial policies. Student organizations that have a checking account must have at least two names on the account. The Organization Advisor should be listed on the account. Student Involvement retains the right to request an audit of any organizations’ financial records.
  • All organizations must adhere to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations as well as all policies set forth by Auburn University.
  • Re-register organization annually online during designated period.
  • All organizations must operate in a manner consistent with the goals and standards of the university.
  • Maintain a current copy of the organization’s constitution and bylaws on AUinvolve.
  • All organizations must ensure continuity from year to year by training new leaders and keeping good records.
  • All organizations must update their AUinvolve page with any officer changes.
  • Any other requirements made known by Student Involvement.


Annual President’s Meeting:

All Auburn University Student Organizations Presidents (or a student representative of the group) are required to complete annual President’s Training. The Annual President’s Training takes place at the beginning of each fall semester and consists of both online and in-person sessions. Presidents may be required to complete certain online training modules prior to attending the President’s Meeting. Failure to complete the annual training will result in Probationary status until the training is complete.


Summer Re-Registration:

Each summer, all student organizations are required to re-register with the Office of Student Involvement. This process allows for the Office of Student Involvement to ensure that organizations have updated all of their information and indicate they wish to return as an organization for the upcoming academic year. This re-registration should be completed by the individual serving as President or Primary Contact for the organization for the upcoming year on AUinvolve. Summer re-registration takes place from May 1- August 1. Follow these Steps to a Successful Re-registration.


AUinvolve Information:

AUinvolve is the online database for all student organizations. Organization leaders are required to ensure that information for their organization is maintained and accurate. The following information includes highlights of the information that organization leaders should ensure is updated at all times:

Roster: Student Organizations must maintain an active and correct roster on AUinvolve at all times. All students who are participating in any type of role within the organization should be listed appropriately on the roster. Any student who is no longer involved with the organization should be removed from the roster. Student Organizations must maintain an active roster and correct roster with at least 10 members listed. Membership is limited to Auburn University students, faculty, and staff.

Constitution & Bylaws: A current copy of your organization’s constitution & bylaws should be stored on the organizations “Documents” tab on AUinvolve at all times. When changes are made to your organization’s constitution & bylaws, upload a new copy to the Documents tab on your organization AUinvolve page. Constitution & bylaws are two separate types of documents, but should be saved as 1 document.

Last modified: September 24, 2020