Virtual Organization Management

Auburn University has transitioned from on-campus instruction to remote delivery beginning Monday, March 16, and continuing through April 10 in response to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). During this remote delivery, all in-person student organization events and activities are cancelled.

Student Organizations leaders are encouraged to continue planning and meeting with organization members virtually. This site provides student leaders with resources and tips on how to best manage your organization virtually.

Virtual Event/Activity Management

During this time period, virtual events and meetings may continue to occur. Student Organizations should submit any virtual meeting in AUinvolve and indicate that the event location is virtual. All meetings submitted to AUinvolve prior to March 12 have been cancelled and removed from the system. Only virtual meetings will be approved. Events that are hosted in-person will be denied. Organizations are encouraged to continue to utilize AUinvolve to track attendance and manage their organizations memberships. Below are links to learn how to track attendance without the Mobile Event Pass and how to create and join virtual meetings/events on Zoom.

  1. Manual Attendance Tracking
  2. Hosting Meetings on Zoom
  3. Joining Meetings on Zoom
  4. Make your Zoom Meeting fun (Thanks to our friends at Elevate Experiences for the tips!)
  5. Pulling ZOOM Attendance/Adding Attendance to AUinvolve Event

Virtual Communication with Organization

Communication with your members and advisor is critical during this time of remote delivery. Organizations  are encouraged to use AUinvolve to message their members. Organizations should also use this time to ensure that their contact information is accurate on AUinvolve so students who wish to learn more about their organization are able to contact the appropriate individuals.

  1. Messaging (Video)
  2. Messaging (Screenshots)
  3. Update your contact info for virtual communication

Virtually Host your Organization Elections

Leadership Transitions should not stop just because your organization may not meet in-person. AUinvolve provides organizations the opportunity to host elections virtually. Creating an election is easy! See the video below on how to manage your organization’s elections.

  1. Creating Online Elections

Organization Management Post April 10

Now is a great time for student organization leaders to plan for their organizations future. Below are a list of suggested actions organization leaders can take to set their organization up for success upon our return to campus.

  • Create officer transition reports for new officers
  • Review your organization’s constitution & bylaws to ensure it reflects current practices
  • Continue your organization selection processes by hosting interviews via Zoom. Here are some tips on out to organize your interview
  • Prepare for organization re-registration by cleaning up your AUinvolve roster
  • Create or revisit your organization’s annual goals
  • Create or revisit your organization’s annual timeline
  • Survey your members on organization satisfaction (what could make their organization experience better?)
  • Check in with your organization advisor to ensure that expectations and communication is clear
  • Upload new photos to your AUinvolve photo albums
  • Check out our marketing resources and think through plans for promoting your organization’s upcoming events and initiatives
  • Check out our social media resources and plan out your organization’s social media content
  • Create forms on AUinvolve to capture information you would have normally collected during meetings
  • Check your close dates for upcoming forms. You may need to extend to accommodate a new timeline. You may also need to close forms that are no longer relevant

Student Organization Advising Team

The Student Organization Advising Team is available to answer questions you may have. Please reach out via email to schedule phone calls or Zoom meetings.

Alexis Davis

Coordinator, Student Organizations

Lizzie Whitley

Graduate Assistant, Student Organizations

Last modified: June 24, 2020