Our Mission

The Mission of Student Involvement is to engage and empower students by providing developmental opportunities that enhance individual learning and leadership through a diverse student-centered environment.

We are about vision, values, and growth. We are about students.
The vision of Auburn men and women should include hard work, education, honesty, truthfulness, and the human touch. These characteristics, which will be nurtured and developed within the Office of Student Involvement, will prepare our students for personal and professional success in a multicultural and global society.

We value diversity, community, leadership, and integrity. Inclusiveness and respect unite and strengthen our community. The diverse co-curricular opportunities within the Office of Student Involvement intentionally foster leadership development. We will be truthful with each other and ourselves because our collective success depends upon it.

We are interested in and attentive to all sides of our students – intellectual, ethical, social, emotional, physical, and career. The Office of Student Involvement will facilitate growth in these areas through programming, training, skill acquisition, assessment, and evaluation.

Our students are multi-dimensional, and so are we. We are advisors, teachers, mentors, life coaches, and administrators. Our working environment and the students’ learning environment are one and the same. Working with students is our passion.



Last modified: September 17, 2019