Funding Your Organization

Organizations Fund

The Organizations Fund is available to active student organizations each year through the Student Organizations Student Activity Portfolio. The Organizations Fund can be used only by Permanent student organizations. Funding is only provided on a reimbursement process. Organizations are encouraged to seek approval for reimbursement prior to making any purchases. Organizations must be able to purchase all approved expenses up front and will only be reimbursed for the amount of money spent on approved expenses.

Completed applications must be turned in to the Organizations Board through AUinvolve. A representative of the organization will be invited to the Organizations Fund Hearing where the Organizations Board will review the request. The representative will be given the opportunity to explain the request and answer any questions the Organizations Board may have. Requests should be as thorough and complete as possible with quotes, receipts, and purchases itemized out.

Access the Funding Guidelines & instructions PDF document on how to apply for funding.

Tax ID Information

Any student organization collecting dues or revenue is required to have a Tax ID (EIN) number issued by the IRS. It is important for students completing this paperwork to do so with their advisor so all information can be as accurate as possible.

Apply for a Tax ID using this IRS online form.

Register as University Vendor

In order to receive payment from the Organizations Fund all student organizations must provide the Office of Student Involvement with a Vendor ID number or university FOAP account.  To register for a vendor number, go to Before registering as a vendor be certain that you have your Tax ID & bank account information. Bank account information will be used to set up direct deposit, which is the preferred method of payment.

Setting Up a Bank Account

Student Organizations collecting any form of revenue should have an organizational bank account. In order to set up a bank account, you must complete the Tax ID application and some banks may require a verification letter from our office stating you are a registered student organization. Should you need this verification letter, please contact Alexis Davis.

Organizations may choose the bank of their choosing, there is not a required bank you must use.

Organization Financial Management

Information regarding Organization Financial Management may be located on the Organization Resource Guide, here.

Last modified: January 21, 2022