Let’s Get Technical

The Basics

Audience- the group of people that you are trying to reach, usually grouped together by like characteristics.

Call-to-action – the point of an advertisement that encourages the reader to do something, often causing the reader to engage with the ad.

Flyer – any printed promotional poster that can be posted on bulletin boards across campus.

Push card- a small to medium-sized card that communicates a message or event that can be handed out to disperse a message to an audience.

Press Release- an official statement from an organization regarding an event or action.

Project Request- a form on AUinvolve that can be used to request graphic design services for your SAP.

Reach- a measurement of how many people are made aware of your event or organization and their response because of it.

Gimmick- any promotional item that can be given as a gift or hand-out to promote an event or organization.

Signage- any indoor or outdoor materials that are often large, rigid materials to direct or label specific pieces of an event.


Ongoing Programs- Ongoing programs require constant marketing strategies. It is important that you continually promote your organization while keeping your approach fresh and engaging.

Applications- It is very important that you advertise your applications before they are available and during the period that they are open. As the Office of Student Involvement strives to be more inclusive one of the ways we can achieve this is by encouraging all students to apply for positions within our office.

General Awareness- You may not always have an event, application,   or drive to promote, but it is important to always share your story. In the times when your organization is not as active, you should consider sharing stories about your members, the impact your organization has had on an individual, or other ideas that make your organization personable and approachable.

Last modified: July 23, 2018