TV Reservation Request

Step one: submit a project request form

In order to process the large amount of requests we receive we have created a TV reservation request form hosted on under “forms” on the Office of Student Involvement page on AUinvolve.  We can provide displays for the following scenarios:

Interviews- If you are hosting interviews in the student center we can provide a screen to direct students to their interview location upon arrival in our lobby. For example: Big Event Interviews- Conference Room A

Position Announcements– If you would like to announce new positions for your organization or program we can provide a screen announcing your new members. For example: SGA Cabinet 2017-18

Advertising- If you would like to advertise your event, application or other announcement for students we will add your graphic or poster to the slideshow rotation.

You may create and submit as many project requests as you wish, there is no limit. If you have specific questions you can email Lindsay prior to submitting your request.

Step two: approve the artwork

Once your graphic has been created you will be sent the final artwork file for approval. Most graphics for the TV will be created with a standard template, therefore we will not ask for feedback other than any content changes. Please double check all of the information before you give us approval.

Step three: your screen will be scheduled

After we have your approval we will schedule your screen to run on the lobby TV.


Last modified: July 23, 2018