Auburn University’s Student Government Association’s (SGA) mission statement is serving and promoting the individual student; unifying all that is Auburn. SGA represents the student body to university administration and the community, through utilizing its three branches: Executive, Judicial and Legislative.

The Executive Branch (commonly known as Cabinet) oversees many of SGA’s ongoing advocacy efforts including Academic Affairs, Dining, Facilities, Parking & Transportation, etc. Members of Cabinet are also responsible for planning SGA’s signature events such as Hey Day and overseeing Freshman Forum: a group of freshmen who serve as the voice of the freshman class in SGA. Also housed within Cabinet is Auburn Answers: SGA’s digital feedback system that allows any student to submit questions, suggestions, or complaints they have to SGA. For a full description of all the other positions and opportunities within Cabinet, please visit the Cabinet resource page.

The Legislative Branch is made up of 34 senators, apportioned among every school and college, who represent the student body. Five committees within the senate work to better student life through gathering constituent feedback and passing legislation. Each school and college is represented by their Schools Council President and Vice President, who work closely with their academic deans and student senators. To contact your Senator or Schools Council Officers, please visit the Senate resource page.

The Judicial Branch maintains jurisdiction over the SGA Constitution and Code of Laws, the governing documents of Auburn’s student body. The Judicial Branch consists of the Chief Justice, six Associate Justices, and the Attorney General. To learn more about SGA’s Judicial Branch, please visit the SGA website.

Brad Smith

Director of Student Involvement

Kelby Lamar

Assistant Director Student Governance and Organizations

Jamie Calvert

Coordinator, Student Governance

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