University Program Council


University Program Council’s mission is to provide an opportunity for its member to develop professional expertise in event planning, management, and marketing.  UPC accomplishes this mission by empowering members to create a culture of inclusive collaboration, bold creativity, and professional excellence.

University Program Council’s mission is to provide strategically designed experiences to encourage diversity, enhance cultural awareness, and promote a positive campus climate.


University Program Council seeks to build student leaders who will develop a programming board that is recognized and respected on campus, in the region, and across the nation.


Educate | Empower | Unify | Serve

Educate: Through diverse and inclusive programming our members will work to educate the Auburn community and impart new knowledge to students.

Empower: Student leaders are empowered to plan and execute projects and events, conduct meetings, troubleshoot as needed, and make decisions.

Unify: Through teamwork and collaboration our members will work to build a community that will enhance the Auburn family.

Serve: Members are held accountable to efficiently and effectively provide programming for the betterment of the Auburn students.EndFragment 

Last modified: October 1, 2019