UPC consists of 8 committees that work hard to meet the programming interests of Auburn’s students. The committees are broken down into 5 planning committees (Films, Major Entertainment, Special Events, Tiger Nights, and Welcome Week) and 3 support committees (Development, Marketing, and Technical Productions).

Get to know more about the roles of each committee and the various ways they enhance the Auburn experience.


Development is responsible for finding out what the students of Auburn want for their entertainment and relaying that info to the respective facets of UPC. In addition, Development also help people who are interested in joining UPC find their place through the committee application and interview process. Another aspect of the Development agenda is to maintain high intra-UPC morale. We run Summit meetings on the first Monday of every month and help orchestrate social events for the different committees. Development is the best of both worlds in that one can plan small events as well as support the other committees. Development’s committee members will mainly be responsible for passing out our surveys as well as throwing out new ideas for social events and Summit meetings. The time commitment is approximately two hours every week.


The Films committee plans free film screenings for Auburn students. They plan various events, such as our Screen on the Green, Stadium Movie, Dinner and a Movie, etc. Each semester, the committees selects a variety of recent releases—generally films that are no longer in theaters, but have not yet been released on DVD. Past films include: Get Out, Aladdin, Ladybird, Thor: Ragnarok, Wonder Woman, and Annabelle: Creation.

Major Entertainment

Major Entertainment is responsible for organizing high profile concerts and speaker events at Auburn University. Recent artists that have been brought include Kesha, Nelly, Nick Jonas, The Avett Brothers, B.o.B, 2-Chainz, Rae Sremmurd, and comedians such as John Mulaney, Demitri Martin, Kevin Hart, and Chris D’elia.  Committee is responsible for logistics and execution of the events such as pursuing sponsorships, campus publicity, and working the day of the event.



Underneath the Directors of Marketing is the Photography Team. These members are responsible for photographing all UPC events and producing content for UPC social media and website. While no previous photography knowledge is required, knowing a way around a camera is helpful. The Photography Team is a great way to get a full look at UPC as a whole as members of this team attend almost every event.

Special Events

The Special Events committee programs a wide variety of activities including holiday themed events. They have sponsored the following events: Hops and Pops, War Damn Coffee Jam, Open Mic Nights, Red Barn Series. Workshops have included Succulents, Yoga, Hip Hop Dance, Sushi Making, and Breakfast Cooking, to name a few.

Technical Productions

Technical Productions is responsible for providing the technical support required to run UPC events. Support involves the setup and operation of sound, lighting, and video equipment. Technical Productions is a committee that works events such as Battle of the Bands, Outdoor Movies, Open Mic Night, Tiger Nights, and Comedy on the Plains. This UPC committee gives you a hands-on, backstage experience and allows you to frequently interact with several of the other UPC committees (such as Speakers and Comedians and Fine Arts) as you set up and support events. Technical Productions is a great committee to join in order to explore various events and committees UPC has to offer while helping you broaden your skills set and experiences.

Tiger Nights

Tiger Nights are large, late night events which are usually held in the Student Center or green space. Tiger Nights have a variety of activities at each event which have included a haunted house, a psychic, zip line, fun carnival food, casino, indoor roller skating, arcade games, a concert and much more!  Committee members will have the opportunity to work closely with the students attending, gain experience with marketing, and have the opportunity to grow as a leader. We want someone who has some sort of experience of being on a team and hard work (sports, yearbook, choir, school jobs, etc.) We are also looking for someone that is confident, not afraid to put themselves out there, and is a little goofy and fun. We love people that are really loud and energetic but that is not the only thing we are looking for. We would like a good mix of loud and calm people! As a Tiger Nights committee member, one would be expected to attend bi-weekly committee meetings, Tiger Nights events and mandatory UPC wide meetings.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week is UPC’s newest committee. They will be responsible for planning events during the first week of classes. They will also host viewing parties throughout the year for events such as away games, the Superbowl, and award shows.

Last modified: November 1, 2019