Photo of 2018 UPC Executive Board

Executive Team

Scott Murphy, President, E:

Ann Faulkner, Vice President of Operations, E:

Trent Waters, Vice President of Finance, E:

Kyleigh McGrail, Vice President of Marketing, E:



Director: Sarah Wisneski, E:

Assistant Director: Hannah Blanchek

Administrator: Melissa Faulk

Marketing Manager: Nicolette Juby



Director: Caleb Burton, E:

Assistant Director: Sydney Davis

Administrator: Emily Friedman

Marketing Manager: Kiley Brady


Major Entertainment

Director: Caroline Scott, E:

Assistant Directors: Adam Gilliland, Lauren Joly

Administrator: Alison Moore

Marketing Manager: B Daves


Public Relations

Director: Rae Martin, E:

Assistant Director: KG Liscomb

Administrator: Kiah Haddock

Marketing Manager: Tony Tacheny


Special Events

Director: Haley Todd, E:

Assistant Director: Kameron Ward

Administrator: Carly Drake

Marketing Manager: Marielle Farmer


Tiger Nights

Director: Kacie Shrum, E:

Assistant Director: Grace Forrest

Administrator: Andrew Sauer

Marketing Manager: Brooke Carroll


Welcome Week

Director: Erin Kelly, E:

Assistant Director: Delaney Jeter

Administrator: Mattie Kilpatrick

Marketing Manager: Mariah Copp


Technical Productions

Director: Samuel Bush, E:

Assistant Director: Stephen Chaplin

Administrator: Ross Johnson

Training Manager: Ryan Nagy

Inventory Manager: Polly Bjelke


Last modified: July 20, 2018