About Us

Indian Student Association (ISA), a registered student organization of Auburn University, has been functional for over 25 years and is one of the largest and most active student organizations. Although, it primarily aims at helping Indian students, the main focus of the organization is to carry on a strong tradition of spreading awareness of Indian culture and traditions, promoting cultural exchange and embracing diversity among all individuals and communities. This is accomplished through social and cultural activities, general body meetings, community service and interaction with other student organizations. All our events are open to all the students on campus.

We have a good number of Indian families in Auburn and Opelika ............

War Eagle !!

ISA also works with other organizations such as the International Student Organization, Office of Diversity and Multi-Cultural Affairs, the Graduate Student Council and the University Program Council on several other events. ISA has consistently represented Indian Students in talent shows, cultural competitions, fairs, seminars, etc. A dedicated team of students, who form the working committee of ISA, try their best to make the student life in Auburn livelier, energetic and enjoyable. nn nn

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