About us

Indian Student Association (ISA), a registered student organization of Auburn University, has been functional over 25 years and is one of the largest and most active student organizations. Although, it primarily aims at helping Indian students, the main focus of the organization is to carry on a strong tradition of spreading awareness of Indian culture and traditions, promoting cultural exchange, and embracing diversity among all individuals and communities. This is accomplished through activities such as social and cultural events, general body meetings, community service, and interaction with other student organizations.

ISA aims to help new students with the educational and social issues that they may face at Auburn and attempts to provide them a “home away from home”. Interactions between students and between student and the local community are also highly encouraged.

Various programs and activities organized by the ISA throughout the year, averaging one every month, helps strengthen and celebrate Indian culture while also providing a common ground for enriching relations among students, faculty, relevant organizations, and families. A typical calendar of the ISA includes monthly movie nights, Indian Republic Day on January 26th, Holi or festival of colors in March, Indian Independence Day on August 15th, Diwali or festival of lights in Oct-Nov, bi-annual fresher’s party, bi-annual graduation party, indoor and outdoor sports competitions, Christmas Party, classical dance and music recitals by reputed guest artists, and a host of other events.

ISA works with other organizations such as the International Student Organization, Office of Diversity and Multi Cultural Affairs, the Graduate Student Council and the University Program Council. ISA has consistently represented Indian Students in talent shows, cultural competitions, fairs, seminars, etc.

You can read the Isa constitution by clicking the following link http://auburn.edu/isa/const.pdf